Olive Tree Logo

Welcome to Olive Tree Ministries!

We are a family of believers who love to come together and learn about the Lord and worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are passionate about our walks in faith, and welcome all who desire to grow in the knowledge of the Word and mature in faith. We hope to share God’s grace and love by sharing His gospel to those around us, so don’t be shy and join our family!

Olive Tree services given to God are interactive and lively–we respond to Truth with a loud “Amen!” Sermons dive deep into the Scriptures so we can dissect and understand God’s will on a more profound level, so don’t forget to bring your Bible, notebook, and pen!

Olive Tree also puts a lot of attention to small group Bible studies. We believe that one day a week is not enough to fellowship with each other and God, so we make an active effort to meet many times throughout the week to study God’s Word together.

It’s one thing to read about Olive Tree here online, and a totally different thing to experience it firsthand. We hope you’ll join us this coming Sunday to worship the Lord in His house, and with us as His precious children.

We love you and God bless!